Phat Braces


Don’t Be Fooled

There are a lot of companies that are coming up with a copy of the “PHAT BRACE” design. The Quality, Durability and Consistency of resistance strength are not even close.

We understand that the cost of fabrication has been an issue. Effective immediately, we have Radically lowered the Price on the “PHATBRACE”.

The Consistent quality of our Fabrication has maintained a remake level under 3%. Accordingly we are eliminating our 30 day guarantee and giving a much lower price to the Orthosis.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to get more information on this change.

Patient testimonial:

Learn about our custom process.

Bio‑Mechanical Composites has developed a unique "Pre‑Preg" carbon fiber fabrication technique. This allows us to custom make each orthosis with an engineered design that provides a variety of "resistance" strengths, enabling the practitioner to provide the patient with the specific force needed for maximum function and energy return.

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