Custom Ankle Gauntlet.

This Malleo-Lok custom ankle gauntlet is a combination of an Orthoflex plastic inner boot and a pre-preg carbon external structure. The orthoflex inner boot offers a flexible total contact support of the foot and ankle (a 3/16” thickness is recommended to provide support while a 1/8” is available for a lower profile cosmesis.)

The external carbon structure design consists of an upright that crosses the ankle just posterior to the medial malleoli. A second upright that crosses the ankle just anterior to the lateral malleoli. The two uprights are joined together under the foot. The uprights crossing the Talo-Cruel joint with an oblique orientation provides the unique resistance to side collapse (valgus/varus) of the ankle. The use of carbon pre-preg allows for the variable control of the amount of resistance. The foot plate extends to the heel and to the proximal aspect of the metatarsal heads. This extended foot plate length controls the up and down (dorsi-plantarflexion) motion of the ankle.

The “Malleo Lok” custom ankle gauntlet combines the total contact support of the inner boot with the comfortable resistance characteristics of the carbon structure. This combination is low profile, easy to don, washable and extremely effective at reducing ankle motion and collapse.


While the plastic inner boot is heat moldable and trimmable, the carbon fiber is not. Grinding or drilling into the carbon will cause a fracture point and failure of the orthosis. The lower section of the orthosis is tied to the patient with a figure of 8 strapping. Beginning low in the posterior arch, extending up across the anterior arch, around the back of the led and then finishing through the chafe, low on the lateral side of the foot. The proximal aspect of the orthosis is tied to the patient with a circumferential strap that attaches to both uprights.


This product is custom made to your patient’s model with the instruction you provided to us. Accordingly, we stand behind the quality of our work, but there is no way to offer a Guarantee or Warranty on a custom made product. If you encounter any problems in the function or application of the orthosis, please contact us. We are very dedicated to helping to customize the orthosis so that it is successful for your patient.

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