Partial Foot Prosthesis.

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Patella Tendon Bearing type modifications, triangulate the posterior calf to the Tibial flare. This creates a total contact at the knee for the transfer of energy from the Prosthesis to the Patient.
The Anterior Shell extends proximal to the tibial tuberosity. This creates the best transfer of floor reaction en-ergy from the extended lever arm of the prosthetic foot to the knee. This produces a stable feeling during stance and an immediate loading re-sponse to the patient during gait.
Posterior Carbon composites spring structure runs from the distal calf girth, down over the heel and extends to the metatarsal heads. Each is custom made to produce a strength (within +/- 1lb) that matches the deficit needs of the patient. This is calculated by the length of the lever arm of the leg and foot in accordance with the evaluation of the patients needs.
The residual limb is interfaced with a Ucolite liner in a total contact socket. This allows for the maintenance of a Sub-Talo neutral alignment with a supinated distal amputation positioning
This prosthesis is indicated for a Trans metatarsal, Lisfranc and Chopart level amputation
Composite wings encapsulate the sides of the heel. The small range of flexibility of the wings allows the patient slight varus/valgus heel movement to maintain their proprioceptive bal-ancing. At the same time the resistance ramps very quickly as to not allow for the patient to collapse into a deviated positioning.
The toe section is rigid with a rocker shape. This eliminates impingement at the distal amputation site and allows for a smooth transition over the toes. It also eliminates bend of the midfoot. Forcing all Dorsi/Plantar motion to occur in the (Talocrural) an-